A women's spiritual journey to Marrakesh, the heart of Morocco

We will spend a seven-day cycle in the red city of Marrakesh, in a traditional house located in the heart of the Medina (old city) where thoughts find rest and the heart comes to shine.

Our days will be filled with dancing, meditations, talks about the culture, the beliefs and traditions of this country and the hidden meaning of the outside world. While our eyes and palate will feast on delicious Morroccan meals, the rituals accompanied by local bands and groups are meant to open the doors of joy and trust, and offer us the opportunity to deal with things to which we often pay little attention in our daily life. Last but not least, we will make several trips to the souks and enjoy a very special day dedicated to body care.

A women's journey full of joy, sensuality and spirituality on the path to ourself.


Marrakesh has been described as a pearl thrown over the Atlas mountains. More than any other city, it reflects all the complex features of Morrocco. It carries the opposites which make up this country, its quietness and its turbulent history as well as its rich and rebellious imagination. Marrakesh is like an open book written by the changes of time and the diversity of space, and read by different voices. Marrakesh is said to be a lioness combining all the facets of gentleness and wildness.