Dhikr means 'remembrance' in the sense of remembering our true nature. Like trees that have forgotten their roots, we human beings have forgotten our natural anchoring in this constantly changing cosmos. Yet there is a part in us which has never forgotten the love out of which we were all born: our heart. 

It is our heart which can take us back home and let us become whole again, our heart which can heal us so that we may hear and follow the voice of our soul that connects us with the Divine.

During the dhikr we put our hearts together, we make room for our longing, we give our love the strength it needs to let go of all separation, all illusions, all pain and to hold them out to the One.

The Arabic word for a human being, insān, is based on a root which means 'those who have forgotten' as well as 'those who are intimate with God'. Indeed both forces, both states accompany us human beings.

May the dhikr bring our hearts to dive into the Divine Ocean of Love, again and again, until the time comes when the Divine secret can reflect in them!