Holistic structures of existence

The Sufi teachings are a process on the path of self-knowledge. Self-knowledge, respectively self-discovery, means to open to the deeper levels of our being and thus to walk the path of self-healing, the path of becoming whole, of self-acceptance in all its facets. This process leads to a conscious embedding to life, in the inner and outer nature of the cosmos and in the oneness of all being.

The heart, as the center and mediator between polarities, the obvious and the hidden, between the above and the below, between heaven and earth, plays an essential role in the Sufi tradition.  It is a process that is accompanied and supported by general spiritual explanations, traditional Sufi methods, meditations, forms of healing, cosmology, the realm of dreams, breathing techniques and movement flows.

Training course weekend I

  1. Healing nature: How to support the healing of our surrounding and nature
  2. Learning wisdom at every step in the path: Reflections on inner Sufi teachings
  3. Consciousness of the Four Elements in us:
    • Earth Nature: gratefulness
    • Fire Nature: surrender
    • Water Nature: forgiveness
    • Air Nature: Insight
    • Ether Nature: cosmic human being

Training course weekend II

  1. The four Sufi principles: Repentance, Sincerity, Remembrance and Love.
  2. The process of a human beings: From an Ego being to a moral being, to a spiritual human being
  3. Refining one’s heart to be open to receive intuition 

Training course weekend III

  1. The meaning of Muraqaba
  2. Balancing the Opposites in us
  3. Deepening the knowledge of the Divine Name: Al-Latif

Training course weekend IV

  1. Transforming fear
  2. The wisdom and supplications of the Prophets 
  3. The meaning of adab

Training course weekend V

  1. The healing breath for body, emotions and mind
  2. Healing the inner wounds with the Divine Names
  3. The importance of the nervous system and hormonal system for spiritual growth
  4. Abul Hasan Al-Shaduli: Hisb al-Bahr: a deepening into the meaning of the Divine Names.