Spiritual Methods for the Wholeness of Being from the Sufi Tradition

The Sufi teachings are a process on the path of self-knowledge. Self-knowledge, respectively self-discovery, means to open to the deeper levels of our being and thus to walk the path of self-healing, the path of becoming whole, of self-acceptance in all its facets. This process leads to a conscious embedding to life, in the inner and outer nature of the cosmos and in the oneness of all being.

The heart, as the center and mediator between polarities, the obvious and the hidden, between the above and the below, between heaven and earth, plays an essential role in the Sufi tradition.  It is a process that is accompanied and supported by general spiritual explanations, traditional Sufi methods, meditations, forms of healing, cosmology, the realm of dreams, breathing techniques and movement flows.

Fourth Weekend

  • How and why was the Universe created?
  • Fear and Self-Knowledge.
  • Heart center Universal Love and healing: Significance, task, disturbances, blockages and opening of the heart center.
  •  Symbolic thinking: the Union of female and male thinking.