Deepening Healing Music Session

Starting the 24th of November 2023, we are inviting you to take part in Healing Music Sessions, to go deeper into a subject. These sessions are group sessions where you are invited to lie down, and relax with the music during 40-45mn. The musicians from “Music of the Soul” will open a space for the healing to take place, using healing maqams and Divine Names given by Fawzia Al-Rawi.

After the healing, there will be a Name for silence, followed by a moment for sharing the experience you had during the healing, if you wish. We will then tell you more details about the maqam, its specific healing qualiNes and the Divine Names used, before to share a cup of tea with those who wish to enjoy longer.

May these Healing Sessions bring peace, light, love and healing on all levels. May Allah Ar-Razzāq nourish us on all levels and may He bring peace and balance to all the parts in us that needs it. May the light be in front of us, behind us, on our sides, above and below us and may the Merciful accompany and infuse all our actions, thoughts and our presence.

Practical Details

The sessions are given once a month in the Zawiyyah of Haus des Friedens.

The healing session costs 30€/person. It is also available on zoom.
You can register for these sessions by “season cycle” for a lower price.
There are 3 different “season cycles” until June 2024. The maqam chosen are related to the season.

  • 2 Winter sessions: 50€
    Dates: February 9th, March 8th

  • 3 Spring sessions: 75€
    Dates: April 19th, May 24th, June 28th for 75€

  • Possibility to book the full package of 5 sessions for 100€.

The music of each live session will be recorded and available as mp3 file for €15,. To order it, write to events(at), mentioning the date of the session that interest you.

The money goes to the further development of this healing music project and to Haus des Friedens to support this place offering peace, light, love and healing to whoever comes.
Thanks to your generous donations since January 2023 during the Healing music sessions, an album of healing music is in preparation with our group Music of the Soul and should see the light in Spring 2024, inshallah!