The ancient art of healing in Asia and the Middle East

This ancient body of knowledge can be compared to Chinese or Tibetan medicine. It is based on transmissions from the Prophet Muhammad aws and it takes into account the individual and their circumstances, as well as the influence of celestial bodies and, most importantly, spiritual aspects.

One essential characteristic of this ancient healing art is that it makes no separation between the soul and the body which are seen as being one as long as we are alive. Although some diseases tend to be more apparent on the level of the soul and less so on the level of the body, and vice versa, body and soul cannot be separated.

In this holistic perspective, human beings are part of the cosmos and life is organised according to the main star (the Moon) and the main planet (the Sun) which form the basic rhythm on Earth. We also gain a deeper understanding of the Islamic tradition which divides the year according to the cycle of the Moon and the day according to the cycle of the Sun.