The enneagram is a dynamic personality model which offers a clear, penetrating description of human beings in all their complexity. Despite our individual traits, we all share certain characteristics and these are portrayed in the enneagram's nine personality types.

The enneagram is used to gain a clear insight into our own patterns, self-deceptions and urges. That deeper self-knowledge is meant to open opportunities for transformation. The enneagram provides us with descriptions, but most importantly it is an invitation to transform. It should assist us on our way to ourselves by widening our perspective and helping us discover both unexpected connections and sometimes uncomfortable truths.

The enneagram undoubtedly belongs to the Sufi tradition. It is the fruit of generations of seekers endeavouring to unite with the Divine in and around them.

Psychology is an essential part of self-study and the search for balance and integration. Ultimately it enables us to grow beyond our ego and to make space for the Divine. It is a fundamental aspect of the enneagram which enables us to gain knowledge abour our own personality, thus paving the way to a more mature spirituality.