Holistic structures of Existence

The Sufi teachings are a process on the path of self-knowledge. Self-knowledge, respectively self-discovery, means to open to the deeper levels of our being and thus to walk the path of self-healing, the path of becoming whole, of self-acceptance in all its facets. This process leads to a conscious embedding to life, in the inner and outer nature of the cosmos and in the oneness of all being.

The heart, as the center and mediator between polarities, the obvious and the hidden, between the above and the below, between heaven and earth, plays an essential role in the Sufi tradition.  It is a process that is accompanied and supported by general spiritual explanations, traditional Sufi methods, meditations, forms of healing, cosmology, the realm of dreams, breathing techniques and movement flows.

Second Weekend

Sufism and its view on:

  • Willpower: The big and the small will
  • Mental purification and body control: their meaning and execution
  • Femininity and masculinity in spiritual growth
  • Struggle (war) and peace in self-discovery and self-fulfillment

First Weekend

(roughly in english)

  • Stages to humanity: the development of the human being from his design to a human being of the heart (social-moral), to a spiritual human being
  • The partnership between inside and outside, heaven and earth: War and peace, light and darkness, day and night are pairs of terms from two different worlds: on the one hand earthly nature with its duality and its impermanence and on the other hand the Divine Eternity, the soul and spiritual world of perfection and immortality.
  • How can I grasp the Divine in the human?
  • Light over light: the call and the answer.