Individual retreat, collective dhikrs and teaching

During two days and one night, this individual retreat offers each of us an opportunity to withdraw into our own inner world and  become more aware of our own light, of our soul. 

We live in a challenging world which often pushes us to our limits, leaving little space, if any, for our true being - the eternal, Divine vibration within us. This retreat is a chance for each of us to take the time and make space in our life to turn inward, to go into devotion, letting go and being guided, to relativise all outer things, to tune in to our inner rhythm, and to be aware of the eternal presence and loving kindness of the Divine.

During these two days, we will also come together and express our shared longing through four collective dhikrs, uniting our voices and our hearts, and entrusting them to the Divine.

Besides providing us with meditation materials, Fawzia will lead all four dhikrs and give us a teaching during the first one.