Teaching – Retreat – Dhikr

The individual retreat for two days and one night is an opportunity to withdraw into the own inner world and to become more aware of your own light, of the soul. 

We live in a world in which we are often challenged to our limits, so that our true being, this eternal, Devine pulse within us, often does not get any space. Giving time and space for turning inward, for devotion, for letting go and being guided, for seeing all outer things in relative terms, for finding an ear for the inner pulse, for getting aware of the Divine Eternal Presence and loving kindness, that is what this retreat stands for. At the same time there is a group that shares this longing. The collective dhikr, taking place four times in these two  days, is an expression of it; together giving expression to the voice, the longing, the heart and to entrust them to the Divine.